The Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar system..
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Shri U C Sarangi, IPS,

Cum Chairman CAC,

The Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar came..
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M. S. Bhatia, IPS,

IG (Adm), CRPF/
Chairman, Central
Purchase Committee,

Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar (KPKB) came into existence in 18th September 2006 under the aegis of MHA as a welfare measure initiated for the serving and retired personnel of CAPFs/CPOs and State Police Forces and their families across India. Its objective has been to provide good quality consumer goods at rate which are cheaper than the market.

The Central Administrative Committee is the governing body of the KPKB which is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional DG on a rotational basis from CAPFs and 06 members of the rank of IsG from different CAPFs. The objective of the Central Administrative Committee is to prepare and implement guidelines/SOPs to run the Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar System. The KPKB has now grown to a pan India network with 119 Master Bhandars and over 1800 Subsidiary Bhandars.

The Central Purchase Committee of KPKB headed by an officer of the rank of IG and 05 DIsG from various CAPFs as members, convene the meetings of price negotiations with various firms on a quarterly basis. 421 firms including a host of multinational companies are already registered with KPKB and several more are in the pipeline. The quality products of these firms (more than 18000 stock keeping units) are approved and enlisted by the committee at the lowest possible rates for the benefits of CAPFs/CPOs and State Police personnel and their families as well as retired personnel.

The Central Purchase Committee has been successful in negotiating with the firms to provide maximum rebate on their quality products due to which KPKB beneficiaries now have a vast choice in buying quality products at prices which are considerably lower than the market rates.

CPC has its own website to facilitate out reach of its activities to all its stakeholders. It is a matter of immense pride and privilege that we have been able to serve a clientele of more than 35 lakhs KPKB beneficiaries and have been instrumental in improving the quality of life of our Jawans. We solicit suggestions from all our stakeholders for further improvement in our constant endeavour to ensure the welfare of serving and retired CAPF personnel and their families.

M. S. Bhatia, IPS

IG (Adm), CRPF Cum chairman,
Central Purchase Committee,